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Barrier coating base on hot dip galvanization


DISGO® LUNA is an anti-corrosion technology with the synergistic effect of hot-dip galvanizing
and special chemical film.The appearance of products can be protected for long-term and it has
excellent gas resistant performance.


Coating structure and the corrosion prevention mechanism

Coating film with superior anti-corrosion resistance can protect the substrate from the invasion of corrosion factors and meanwhile The film of hot-dip galvanizing self-sacrifices to improve the anti-corrosion performance.These film layers can make synergistic effect through the special chemical film.

Coating structure




Chrome free

Comply with the RoHS directive

Superior corrosion resistance

The synergistic effect of metallic zinc layer(Hot-dip galvanizing film) and combining film realize the high-grade corrosion resistance .

Gas resistance

Upgrade the resistance to the sulfurous acid gas and chemicals.

Weather resistance (avoiding discoloration)

Superior weather resistance can make the film matain long-term elegant appearance.

Electrolytic corrosion resistance

The combination of dissimilar metals can be possible due to the electrocorrosion resistance.

Scratch resistance

LUNA can reduce the scratches due to its high edge cover performance and thick film of hot dip zinc layer.




Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)


Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)

※ Spraying method is also available depending on the configurations of products.