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Thin film,Superior anti-corrosion coating film


DISGO® RINTAS is a rustproof treatment technology which realizes its superior anti-corrosion and excellent workability . we have cultivated for many years that it makes full use of the advantages of a high hardness metallic zinc layer and excellent edgecoverage performance. disgo layer are bonded with metallic zinc layer through the special chemical conversion film.


Coating structure and the corrosion prevention mechanism


Coating structure




Paint accumulation

Stable screwing and tightening torque is ensured thanks to thin and uniform coating without screw recess filling.


Free from RoHS directive six hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury including hexavalent and trivalent chromium

Thin film, Superior corrosion resistance

Combining a thin metallic zinc layer and high-grade rustproof coating through a special chemical conversion film,they provides high-grade corrosion resistance in spite of thin film.

Strong coating structure

The coating includes a rustproof coating with excellent resistance against chemicals and weathering to combine a strong metallic zinc layer which protects the substrate from every possible corrosive factor.

Low temperature processing

The baking temperature below 200℃ protects the products from metallographic changes. Energy consumption is reduced by the low temperature processing, contributing to prevent greenhouse effect.



Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)


Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)

※ Spraying method is also available depending on the configurations of products.