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Extremely Thin Film, Superior Anti-corrosion


LAFRE is the world first innovative rustproof treatment technology developed by putting together our technologies that we have cultivated over 40 years, where the basic concept is environment-friendly and high-grade anti-corrosion treatment with extremely thin film.


Film structure and the corrosion prevention mechanism


The substrate is protected from corrosion by an inorganic film with excellent adhesion including three kinds of metals of zinc, tin and aluminum, which is a strong paint film with high-grade anti-corrosion properties like alloy plating.

The standard recommendation is a 2-coat sequence. However, additional top coating is available according to the application.


Film structure




Free from RoHS directive six hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury Including hexavalent and trivalent chromium

Extremely thin film, Superior Anti-corrosion

Coating film thickness of 5µm stands the salt spray test for 2000 hours.

Stable tightening torque for bolts, etc. is ensured thanks to uniform and smooth coating.

Almost free from paint accumulation even when applying treatment on complicated configurations.

Free from hydrogen embrittlement

Pickling and electrolytic processes are not necessary, which makes it invulnerable to delayed fracture of hydrogen embrittlement.

Physical properties of the coating

Scratches or loss of the coating at tightening of bolts or drilling of screws is prevented thanks to high coating hardness and excellent adhesion.

Topcoating adhesion

Excellent overcoating adhesion allows usage for coloring purpose or primary coating for electro deposition.




Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)

Standard treatment process (Dip-spin method)

※ 2-coat sequence with one type paint

※ The spraying method (1-coat sequence) is also available depending on the configurations of products.